Eggi App Launches

The Eggi app is now launched on Apple’s App Store.  The app was commissioned by Studio in a School, as part of The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt in New York City,  giving the public an opportunity to conceive their own eggs. The app allows for the use of new or existing photography to craft a digital […]

Poetics App Launches

The Poetics visual poetry app is now launched on Apple’s App Store.  One month in, the app has 3000+ users in 95 countries. View Poetics on the App Store >>

Wines of South Africa Campaign Launches

Soulincode’s campaign with Wines of South Africa is about midway now, via the interactive Facebook app where their members rearrange visual poems, submitting the work for a chance to win a trip to South Africa. Visit WOSA Poetics on their Facebook Page >>

Carole Radziwill Site Launch

Carole’s site is up and running, thousands of viewers coming through the site and checking out all the content, writings, videos, and imagery.  Check out the site

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